Vancouver oh vancouver

One thing I adore about being a traveller is all the people you meet. Just the fact that you are away from home and don’t know anybody makes you much more open for what and who will appear in your day. Everybody is a potential friend, and they often become one. Even if it’s just for one day or a small chat in an airplane.

With all that people in the bat cave, it was pretty impossible not to find some travel buddies. So in my first day in Vancouver I had this guy as my guide:


This is Niclas, a young german having his first big trip away from home in Canada. And his longboard.

With Niclas I discovered the beauty of downtown Vancouver. It seems silly, but I almost cried. It’s just so good to feel the atmosphere of a completely different country. I missed that so much. Walking on the streets with all those new faces. Seeing the little international restaurants and the waterfront… Oh Lord, thanks for making our planet such a beautiful one!

So we walked, and talked and shared our culture. He was such a pleasant company in that cold vancouver day.

After getting to know downtown in our feet it was time for some food. Oh yes, very good food.

IMG_4817Amazing vegetarian sushi, with a vegetarian california temaki and misso soup. And free tea. All for $6.95. That’s what I loooove about a first world country.

Talking about food, our next destination made me want to cry even more.


The city market!

I wish you could read all those labels. So so many amazing foods.


Things I had never seen before. Wanted to try every single one!

Look at these spices:
































Niclas likes the apples


I was a very very good girl and didn’t buy anything. No space on my backpack anyway. Apart from some of these:


Had to try the local honey, right?! And of course they didn’t make it into my back pack…

I also tried something I was craving for; the famous and legitimate Maple Syrup. I’ve read all about it before, and now i’m finally at maple syrup’s territory. The guy selling it was so cute. Got some nice compliments from him and a good, big taste of what seems to be the best syrup in town. Yummy. And is good for you! This is definitely in my grocery shop list.

IMG_4873I’m loving the whole Canadian experience more and more by the minute. And my first day was just the way I wanted to be.

Thanks Niclas!

IMG_4813I still have four days to discovery all the wonder in this amazing city. So better get back to the Bat Cave. Never know what or who will be expecting me there…


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