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My soul went for a walk

Confusion takes my mind
My hearth shrinks on pain
I try to fight and survive
But my spirit is not the same
It hurts deep inside
Intrinsically connected with me
And I don’t understand why
This pain is always here

Does it have a reason?
What can I learn from that?
It is a sign from spirit
Or my soul falling on death

I wish to make it past
Dissolve this burden away
But every time I think I got there
Pain comes back and stay

And so I fall again
Knowing I have no strength
Against this power of life
That manifest itself as pain

I see nothing I can do
No action I can take
And so I close my eyes
And imagine I’m far away

Hoping to make it true
Only scape to survive
The suffering that eats my mood
And takes over my mind

Waiting for the cycle to pass
And the sun to raise on the sky
So I can look at the beautiful things
That fill the human life

And while that doesn’t happen
I will patiently wait
Trying to keep the balance
On my hearth and brain

So if you see me sadly
Watching days pass by
Please look with compassion
Don’t think I gave up on life

Remember an honest smile
That gently draws on my face
The hope for another day of trials
And for consciousness to come and stay



Fading summer

I watch summer fading away
Leaving memories that stay
Of dreamy days at the beach
Feeling the world on my feet
No thinking comes into my mind
The wind comes and makes me fly
To other worlds inside this one
Magic happens through the sun

Lights shining and life spinning
No more mind but intense feeling
Secret to happiness
Words cannot describe
Paradise is right here
Looking at the inside

Traveling through vibrations
Colors multiply
There as as many dimensions
As your imagination can find



What is life I wonder
Who can define
Is it a feeling from the body
Or an illusion of the mind

How do I discover
The deeper truths
Travelling in wander
Is the way to move

How am I supposed to live
Contained in a tiny body
When my spirit is free
And my soul is on fire

What words will lead us
To the formless state
Where everything is bright and simple
And pain fades away

For how much longer
Will the human race suffer
For not being in the present moment
And let emotions take over

All useless questions
I am afraid to say
For we don’t need to take action
To connect with our purest state
A moment of attention
A gap from thoughts
And with the right intention
Mind will fall apart
Connect to the feeling
To the sensation inside
For it can be revealing
And show you how to die
Die from things that don’t really matter
Show your infinite space
It’s as simples as an arrow
That cuts the air straight

Eyes closed but there’s still vision
The eternal sacred light
You’re not only an individual
But the whole universe being defined.