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What is life I wonder
Who can define
Is it a feeling from the body
Or an illusion of the mind

How do I discover
The deeper truths
Travelling in wander
Is the way to move

How am I supposed to live
Contained in a tiny body
When my spirit is free
And my soul is on fire

What words will lead us
To the formless state
Where everything is bright and simple
And pain fades away

For how much longer
Will the human race suffer
For not being in the present moment
And let emotions take over

All useless questions
I am afraid to say
For we don’t need to take action
To connect with our purest state
A moment of attention
A gap from thoughts
And with the right intention
Mind will fall apart
Connect to the feeling
To the sensation inside
For it can be revealing
And show you how to die
Die from things that don’t really matter
Show your infinite space
It’s as simples as an arrow
That cuts the air straight

Eyes closed but there’s still vision
The eternal sacred light
You’re not only an individual
But the whole universe being defined.



My intention with this post is to listen to what my heart has to tell me. I think we’ve all been there, so occupied with our minds, the talking that never stops, that is so hard to get to a silent point and listen to what is really important, what is inside.

So, what is inside?

Inside there’s an infinite space. A space where everything can become real. And every emotion can be accepted and dealt with. A space of stillness and reassurance. A space of creation.

I believe we are the creators of our outside. We create our universe on the inside and watch it become real on the outside. Or on what we believe as being the outside. We create every little detail of our experience on that infinite space, where anything is possible. We create it by thinking it; by worrying about it; by defining it with concepts we accepted to ourselves. And then we materialize it and perceived it through our minds and body.

And call it life.

So, if we are creating our lives, every little detail, why aren’t we all creating the perfect, fulfilling life we all wish for?

Because we don’t listen. We don’t know what we really want anymore. We get so attached to that thinking, that very-well-defined concept we have about ourselves that we have absolutely no idea of what is really important, we pay no attention to the inside.

We say “I’m like this.” “I’m like that.” “And that will never change! It’s how I am.”

Is it? Is it how we really are or is it how we believe to be? And on that “believing”, isn’t any space to change it? Isn’t there other possibilities?

I see many. So many that I can’t put it in words. Can the space,the formless be really explained? I don’t think so. But it can be felt. In many different and amazing ways. I’ve been feeling it in ways I can’t conceive. Or maybe, I can’t think of. But I can feel, and I can try to listen. And then maybe words will come to show me the access point to that state. 

My weeks have been very interesting. They roll in cyclic, smooth ways. Every new week I feel an emotion taking over. And that emotion sticks with me during my days and explain itself in clever situations. And yet, I haven’t stopped to really listen to what that has to say. To me, or to others.

So now I’ll stop and talk about the different and holly emotions that have been taking me over. And i’ll listen to what the inside has to tell me about it. And write it here.

The first feeling I’ll write about is compassion. And the need we have to find our purpose in life. If anybody read until here, congratulations! And if you’ve identified yourself with what I’ve written I’ll ask you to stick with me. Human force has power. And maybe we’ll inspire each other to every moment, more and more, listen to the inside.

I know you’re beautiful, whoever you are.

See you in compassion.