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The place of dreamlands

So I was here, living in Victoria for about two weeks and raving all about the city. How wonderful and perfect it is, and how everybody(especially canadians) i meet tell me they come to Victoria because it’s the best place in Canada (even tough i’m sure that there are thousand best places). I was amazed and surprised that I ended up in such a particular city, with so many of the things i consider important to have a healthy and conscious lifestyle.

And then I met Nelson…


Nelson is one of the most impressive cities i’ve ever been. But we’ll talk about that in a while.

First, let me explain how I ended up in my dreamland:

So one day I was browsing through Couchsurfing like I always do and I saw this message of a girl who had just arrived in Victoria and was looking for people to hang up an get into adventures. Oh well, that’s exactly what I was looking for too!

And that was how I met Demetria


My travel buddy and the responsible for all these amazing photos (I would never be able to do it).

So Demetria is studying to be a baker in America (her country) and is taking a 6 months internship in an organic bakery here in Victoria. After I answered her message on the website we hung out a couple of times (including a CS reunion in which I played Settlers Of Catan for the first time, and won!). We both want to explore as much as we can, and we both could get some days off for easter holiday. So we put things together and engaged in an 11 hours road trip.484095_10151511145344712_114393488_nAs always in Victoria, the trip started in the ferry, in a beautiful sunrise.

We stopped in Vancouver to rest for the night and hung out with the Bat Cave. And on the next day we hit the road!

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves for a bit…

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As I knew I would, I fell in love with the countryside. From beautiful sunny skies, to snow until your eyes could see, the whole way was a bliss. And it just got better when we arrived. To have an idea, this was my morning view from the beautiful, old house where our host lives.


We spent the next days wondering around that little village that is surrounded by a lake and a snowy mountain.


Falling in love with the little city centre. With a good amount of commerce and restaurants to have variety but without too much consumerism(even tough they do have a walmart there). But the fact that the central groceries shops had everything to sell by buck (I mean, everything!) won me over. Nelson, I’m yours!


We had a good balance of time in the city, time exploring the region, and time eating delicious food.


Do you see my angry face? That’s what happens when we have to share half of a breakfast bun. But I think the energy of the Uno on the table helped.

We also had some really relaxing time at some hot springs. It felt really good! Specially the part when you get out of a 39*C pool and jump into a  6*C! The feeling of shivering is quite addictive.

And just behind the hot springs there was a hike that led us to a really old cemetery. Scary, but with all the snow was such a classy view. I admit i do love cemeteries.

734503_10151511146359712_522517585_n 28162_10151511146384712_1125673171_n 303350_10151511146434712_1100575060_n

Another thing about Nelson is all the communities that are being formed around it. Demetria was really into that, so we visited a couple. Gaia Shifts was a place that i felt identified with. It’s a woman-based community and it felt like a comfortable atmosphere to spend more time looking inside myself while working for something with value. They are always in need of people to help the community grow, and you can live there if you help. It’s something i’m considering doing if no jobs comes around when it’s time. Afterwards, spending sometime with myself was my first goal when I came to Canada.

They also accept visitors to spend the night, and the money you pay to sleep and breakfast(30 bucks) is totally worth it to stay in this caravan:

12453_10151511146589712_540683750_n 532179_10151511146569712_572022596_n 20912_10151511146494712_1131626239_n 388761_10151511146489712_464397211_n


We arrived there at night and the fireplace was going on. So we made some tea and drank it while looking at this captivating night sky… No falling starts this time but the sky itself was a gift that i’m thankful for.

I had this great night of sleep full of dreams and was ready to make my way back to victoria on the other day. The view from the Caravan looked appealing to go out.


It was a great first road trip around Canada. And thanks Demetria for helping making it so special!

I came back from Nelson wanting to live there forever. Like it usually happens when I visit small cities. The truth is that I’m passionate about them.  I think they have everything necessary to have a lifestyle with less waste, more outdoor time, and a more simple routine. A lifestyle that will allow me to be more connected with myself by being more connected with the environment around me.

However, I think the universe wants me in big cities. I always end up on them. And while I do love all the hectic life and all the opportunities, deep inside i’m always looking for the small city that will keep my heart forever. But I believe everything has its time… And it appears to me that my time is not right now, as I came back to my school and discovered that they changed their dates so my course it’s not happening in Victoria at the time that I need anymore(and no one had told me before!). So either I move to Vancouver or I’ll have to take some other kind of english-as-a-second-language classes(really? I’m a teacher!). So if that’s what the universe wants, let it be.

Bring me the full speed of Vancouver and let’s see how it goes!

Well, anyway I still have a few weeks in Victoria, and nothing is ordinary when you’re traveling. So wherever comes, it will be welcomed 🙂